The following quotes are from students, writers, and teachers, who over the years have participated in WIER and been affected by the positive impact it has had on the process of writing.

“I can think of two of my writers who matured before our eyes as a result of this project. One had long discussions with me about how she found critiques which were not fulsome in their praise difficult to take but was now trying hard to accept feedback of her creative work in a positive light. One other has a very difficult time socializing with his peers, but boy did he come through during this project and when I was really concerned that the reply of a group of students might crush him, he never blinked an eyelid but got right onto his reply. I think that if he was the only one of my group to benefit from WIER (and I know he’s not) I would consider it a very successful undertaking.”

Steven Murdoch, NS

“Julian came alive with WIER. Nelly was hugely appreciative of [the writer’s] responses and Rachel has blossomed as a poet. She wrote that poetry wasn’t her thing until this year when she was exposed to so much of it through our work on it all first term and then through WIER. This was my first year working with WIER, and I was most impressed. Congratulations to you all for a fabulous idea, well-implemented.”

Mason Clamont, ON

“I clearly saw development of critical thinking skills in students over the WIER term. They learned to really think about what was offered for their appraisal and how to respond to it meaningfully, gently and honestly. They genuinely considered the suggestions given to them and made personal decisions to change their work or to keep it as is and – even more importantly – were able to justify their decisions.”

Eliajah Burke, ON

“When I was in high school our creative writing teacher signed our class up for WIER. My poem about frogs was chosen as the “Cool Poem of the Week”. I thought I should share with you the news that just last year I had my first book of poems, Small Arguments, published by Pedlar Press. I wanted to say thanks for setting up a community where we can get feedback from practising poets. It’s hard to find someone who will take you as seriously as you do when you are young.”

Drew Charles,  BC