WiER operates a trimester model, offering programs in each of the fall, winter and spring terms. Each term is twelve-weeks long.

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The Electronic Literary Salon

Classes are grouped in “electronic literary salons” with other classes (normally five) from across the country. In turn, each salon is grouped with at least one other salon to form a conference. WiER employs one professional writer for every six classes that participate in the program. All writers in a given conference work with all salons in that conference. This method of grouping salons and writers maintains the multiplicity of writers’ voices that is an integral part of the WiER experience. Each conference also has a teacher/moderator to help facilitate and direct discussions.

Program Structure

Middle and Secondary Schools

Each term at the middle and secondary levels is structured as follows:

2 weeks: training, orientation & introductions
3 weeks: new work & responses
2 weeks: student response period
3 weeks: new work & responses
2 weeks: student response period & closing activities

Elementary Schools

Younger children benefit from longer intervals to prepare new writing, so our program at the elementary level is structured differently.

2 weeks: training, orientation & introductions
8 weeks: new work, responses & interaction
2 weeks: closing activities