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Writers in Electronic Residence “WIER”

  • An educational initiative that focuses on Canada’s literary culture through creative literary expression and critical discussion undertaken in a writing—and written—community; and,
  • An arts initiative that creates new forms of work for Canada’s writers, and audiences for their books.

WiER’s online programs currently offer content and services that are both interactive and information-based. We opened our first website on November 13, 1995 in order to support and extend the value of these initiatives to participants in WiER’s writing programs, as well as to the wider online learning community. The support of Canada’s SchoolNet, which helped to launch the first iteration of this site, is gratefully acknowledged. We opened our new web site on November 18, 2008 (see below for more.)

Interaction: Our Conferencing-based Programs

Our primary activity is deeply rooted in interaction, linking writers with students and teachers in online writing conferences. These programs are undertaken in a computer conferencing environment, and operate on a subscription basis.

For examples of how this approach operates within our main programs, please visit The WiER Taps, our annual online publication of student writing and commentary as selected by the professional authors.

For examples of how this approach operates for special projects, please visit Projects and Resources.

Information & Resources: Our Web-based Programs

WiER’s online programs also create a broad range of original information-based content, services and activities, which we are pleased to make available at this website. In addition to the original information available here, WiER also provides access to selected resources that we feel are particularly useful.

We invite you to drop by often to see what’s new!


Current browser versions (e.g., Safari, Explorer, Firefox, etc.) should all work well with this site. If you encounter any difficulties, we would appreciate hearing from you.

FirstClass: About the Server

Technical administration of WiER’s FirstClass server is supported by EA Leslie and Associates Limited.

FirstClass® enables you to experience the power of reliable communication, collaboration, conferencing, and calendaring capabilities in one easy-to-use solution. With the addition of FirstClass® Unified Communications email, voice and fax messages are combined into one easy to use, unified Mailbox that can be accessed via the device of choice including cell phone, telephone, computer and handheld from any location, at any time.

To download the current FirstClass client software and settings for WiER, please look under the Program Information link from the menu, or check the link under New at WiER on our main page.

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