Jewellery holds a special place in a person’s heart. Moreover, if the trinkets come embedded with gemstones then it becomes even more special for a woman. Moreover, gemstones embedded in jewellery were seen as beautiful piece of adornments which was used to be passed down as family heirloom.

If you love gemstone embedded trinkets, you can visit leading jewelry stores Toronto. Most of the stores are able to sell rare and beautiful gemstone embedded adornments. In this respect, jewelry stores define that gemstones are made up of variety of minerals, organic material, and rocks. However, the gems that are used for trinkets are very precious and beautiful.

If you are wondering what makes the stones so expensive and special, then you would be glad to know that there are certain important factors. The factors that make the stones a precious one are:

Beauty: In order to become a gemstone, it should have certain characteristics in them. Like the blue color of diamonds or the feature of the gemstones.

Rarity: When a material is found in rare numbers, then it can be called a gemstone.  If a gemstone is rare, then its value increases.

Resistance: The stones should be very strong. Being robust can help a stone to last long in a trinket when it’s worn on a daily basis. Any jewelry stores Toronto will tell that in trinkets soft stones are not used. Here, the stability and hardness of the stone is considered.

If one takes into account these factors, one will get to see that some expensive stones are used for ornaments.

Diamond: It is always considered to be a woman’s best friend. Even though it is considered to be a symbol of love, but rare quality diamonds are very expensive. Usually, it can be used for making bracelets and necklaces.

Ruby: Jewelry stores Toronto states that high –quality rubies come with a high price per carat. It is one of the important gemstones which are considered to be precious and valuable one.   While pure red ruby is valuable, but one can also get orange red and purple red rubies also. The most common trinkets made of rubies are rings like engagement rings.

Sapphire: It has always been the most desired gemstones. The perfect clarity, hardness, and natural clarity of the stone makes them very special. This gemstone comes in different colors. Nowadays, fancy sapphire is being used for making trendy jewelry sets.

Emerald: Since the age of Egyptian pharaohs, this gemstone has always been considered with high regards. Although this stone is believed to bring happiness and prosperity, jewelry stores Toronto are coming up with beautiful pieces of necklace, ring, bracelet, brooch and more. In fact, the most demanded adornment is the emerald rings.

Black Opal: It is one of the most valuable gemstones in the world. It usually comes with a black or dark green color. The beauty of the stone makes it ideal to be used for earrings and brooches.

Based on your preferred choice of gemstone, you can visit jewelry stores Toronto and choose your baubles. Get hold of pricey trinkets and improve your glam quotient.